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Tiny Snowflake


The Tiny Snowflake is a PCB shaped like a snow flake with 19 LEDs. The LEDS are intependantly controlled by an ATTINY 13 using charlieplexing. Code is uploaded to the device with AVR dude using a Bus Pirate, a AVRisp mk II or similar. It is not arduino compatable.


Soldering The Snowflake


To solder the shield follow these steps:

Front of SnowflakeBack of Snowflake

  1. Solder on all 19 LEDS paying attention to the LED orientation on the silkscreen.
    • The center LED is the only one that is not paired so it is very important that it is in the correct orientation. For the rest it is ok to have them all inverse (or just the spokes or just the ring) because this is charlieplexed so these 18 LEDs are in groups of 9 opposing pairs.
  2. Solder the capacitor onto the PCB.
  3. Solder the ATtiny13A onto the PCB.
  4. Solder the Resistors onto the PCB.
  5. Solder the power cable onto the PCB.
  6. (Optional) Chain them together by soldering cables onto eachother.

 Note: Some people like to leave the leads long and bend them to hold them in place before soldering. Then they trim them after soldering. If you do this, make sure that the LED has the correct orientation before you start soldering!

Uploading Code